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ART---the ability to capture a moment in time...feelings of happiness, sadness, loneliness, community. To show the beauty of God's creation--the wonders of nature, the complexities of people, and of animals.
What you see on our site are samples of what we have seen...either in actuality or in mind's eye. We thank the Creator for this beauty that is all around us--and it is there if we take the time to notice.
We are passionate about artwork and photography and God's beautiful gifts--given to us for our enjoyment. We feel it is our duty and privilege to cherish what we have in nature and in each other. Our hope is that, through our art, we can help people to appreciate these "treasures in earthen vessels".

All artwork and photographs are copyrighted. If you desire to purchase any artwork seen here, send us an e-mail with "Buy Photos" or "Buy Artwork" in the subject line. Thank-You!

Be sure to visit Ron's other photo site: http://www.artwanted.com/ronlevesque

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All photographs and artwork on this site are a lower resolution, and compressed...any photos you would purchase would be of the highest quality, and would not contain any watermark. Please feel free to e-mail us regarding any inquiries of purchase--in the e-mail please put "BUY PHOTOS (or ART WORK)" in the subject line. Thank-You.

All images copyright Ronald A. Levesque or copyright Mihaela Calu-Levesque. Duplication or reproduction of any kind, whether for personal or commercial use without the express permission of Ronald A. Levesque or Mihaela Calu-Levesque is a violation of U.S. Federal Copyright Law.